CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Comprehensive Clozapine Training Two Day Workshop - Glenside Health Services

For Mental Health Clinicians

Workshop Aim

The aim of the program is to provide participants with an understanding of all aspects of clozapine education in relation to the Therapeutic Goods Administration Clozapine Protocols, SA Health Clozapine Management Clinical guideline, drug interactions, side effect management, Adverse Event Protocols and provide information regarding the SA Health Nurse Led Clozapine Clinics and associated standardised documentation.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the online learning package and the two face to face days participants will be familiar with:

>          the basic clozapine drug action

>          interactions

>          the CPMS protocol

>          the CPMS database application and use

>          clozapine alerts

>          monitoring screens and documentation

>          the effects of clozapine on physical health

>          ECGs

>          interface and communication with pharmacy

>          Adverse Event Protocols and Nurse Led Clinic Protocols

>          consumer participation

>          SA Health Clozapine Management Clinical Guideline.


Eligibility / Entry Requirements

Training is available to Clozapine Co-ordinators, Assistant Co-ordinators, Nurse Consultants, CNs, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists and Psychiatric Registrars. Nurses working in medication clinics and inpatient units are particularly encouraged to attend.

For SA Health nursing participants a four day supernumerary placement will accompany the course along with an expectation that following completion of the training participants will be available to relieve community Clozapine Co-ordinators.

Prior to the workshop each participant is required to satisfactory complete the online learning module High Risk Medicines: Clozapine.  This course is on Digital Media and can be accessed through each LHNs learning platform. Participants are also required to complete the online learning module Introduction to Cardiometabolic Syndrome. This course is on each LHNs learning platform.

A certificate of completion for both online courses MUST accompany your completed application.

All participants must complete an application form that is signed by their managers acknowledging the placement requirement for nursing staff.

SA Health nursing staff must have completed the practical component of the biomedical measurement training prior to their placement.

Dates, Times and Location

This workshop will be held on:

>     Monday, 14 September 2020 (0815 – 1700).

>     Tuesday, 15 September 2020 (0815 – 1700).

The venue for the workshop will be confirmed closer to the date.


Completion of the High Risk Medicines Clozapine and Introduction to Cardiometabolic Syndrome modules (certificate of completion must be attached to application form).  Other assessment includes in session quizzes.


Lisa Wilton



There will be no cost to SA Health employees.

Attendance fee for interstate participants is $440 including GST.


Other relevant information

Maximum of 40 places.

People intending to apply for the two day training are encouraged to advise Lisa Wilton of their expression of interest to secure a place while applications go through the approval process.

Due to the four day placement requirement, a manager’s approval is mandatory for SA Health nursing staff attending the program.

The program is open to staff within all ten Local Health Networks of SA Health and interstate colleagues.



The completed application MUST be returned to Annette Farrell at:  with a cc. to Lisa Wilton  prior to Monday 17 August 2020.

Late applications will only be considered if places are available and all necessary paperwork has been approved.

Click here for application form