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Where you see "Clinical staff as defined on the LMS" within the document, all staff who perform treatments,deliver care or have other significant patient contact may consider themselves included in this definition.

Please discuss with your manager regarding additional topics you may be required to complete that pertain to your role within CALHN. 

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Cancer Services

Cancer Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course ADAC (eviq) - Module 1: Handling antineoplastic drugs and related waste safely

This is the first module of the ADAC for Cancer and Non-Cancer Settings.

There are a total of seven modules in the ADAC.  Please liaise with your area educator to guide you in which further modules you are required to complete.

This module is appropriate for all clinical staff who need to develop an understanding of the principles for safe handling of antineoplastic drugs and related waste safely.

Once this module has been completed please contact your local educator to arrange for a skills competency assessment for handling antineoplastic drugs and related waste safely.

Cancer Services

Antineoplastic drug administration course (ADAC)

Reassessment of Clinical Competency

As part of the Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course (ADAC), eviQ Education has developed the ADAC Reassessment of Clinical Competency Module.

Frequency:  2 Yearly

Target audience:  All staff who administer cytotoxic medications located in their area and have previously completed any of the following:

  • ADAC Modules 1-6 Administering oral antineoplastic drugs
  • ADAC Modules 1-8 Administering intravenous neoplastic drugs
  • ADAC V3 Modules 1-7.

This module is designed to support the maintenance of clinical knowledge and skills following completion of the Antineoplastic Drug Administration Course (ADAC).  Staff are required to complete this module every two years. 

Following completion of the online module please contact the ADAC facilitator and/or nominated clinical assessor in the Cancer Directorate to finalise a clinical assessment.

 CPD: 2 hours (1 hour = 1 CPD point)

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