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Bariatric One Day Workshop

Aim of Workshop:

The workshop is relevant to all Clinical Staff caring for the bariatric person.

To provide guidance and understanding of the specific implications and considerations for bariatric patients and the provision of effective health care outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

Recognise different body shapes and the effects on human movement in a bariatric person, in relation to equipment and risk assessment.

Demonstrate an understanding of the psychosocial factors that contribute to obesity.

Understand and gain knowledge of the effects of increased body weight in the area of skin conditions, wound care, pain management.

Program Content:

  • ·Define what is a bariatric patient and its prevalence in Australian society
  • ·Understand and demonstrate the risk assessment skills to safely assess and manage larger patients
  • ·Bariatric Personal Care - Awareness of pain management and skin related conditions, wound management
  • ·Provide an awareness of bariatric equipment available and its correct use

Eligibility/Entry Requirements:

Available to Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists across CALHN.

Time: 0800:1630




   Monday 29 March 2021


     01 March 2021

   Friday 14 May 2021


     12 April 2021

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Workshop/Program Coordinators:

Ann McPhedran, Nurse Educator
Ph: 8222 7224 I  Pager: 47671

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