CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Metabolic Health Trainer Refresher (Glenside Health Services)

Workshop Aim

To provide an opportunity for nursing staff, who have previously trained as a Metabolic Health Trainer, to:

>                Refresh their metabolic health assessment training techniques.

>                To ensure contemporary practice and maintain practice competency and currency.

>                To reinvigorate trainers to train and encourage staff to provide or arrange physical health assessments for consumers.

>                Network with other trainers from across the LHN Mental Health Directorates.

>                Discuss practical training tips.

>                Understand the current statistical data for completion of physical health assessments in their LHN.


Eligibility / Entry Requirements

These sessions are open to anyone who is registered as a Metabolic Health Trainer and has previously completed the Metabolic Health Trainers, training.

Dates, Times and Location

Please check with Lisa Wilton ( regarding program availability.

Presenter and Convenor

Lisa Wilton ANC MH GP Shared Care,

Application Form

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