CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Mental Health Skills for General Nurses

Workshop Aim

The program offers 15 x 90 minute sessions to support effective care provision for people with mental illnesses. The sessions are facilitated by clinicians, consumers and carers, predominantly from the CALHN Mental Health Directorate.  A variety of teaching methodologies will be utilized within the sessions. Each session is self-contained and attendance at all sessions is not compulsory.  Attendees will be able to retrieve a certificate of attendance from the CALHN Learning Management System. The program does not include Caring for Cognitive Impairment or aggression prevention and management as these important issues are being addressed through other strategies.  The initial program will be conducted and evaluated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with the subsequent program conducted Royal Adelaide Hospital.  The program will subsequently be conducted at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Royal Adelaide Hospital annually.  Session facilitators will select and provide to participants resources to reinforce learning. Individual session evaluations will be focused on content, appropriateness and presentation.

Session Topics, Dates, Times and Locations

TQEH Topics, Dates, Times and Locations

RAH Topics, Dates, Times and Locations


Eligibility / Entry Requirements

This program is suitable for Registered and Enrolled General Nurses.

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Further Information

Neville Phillips

Nursing Director - West

Mental Health Directorate

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Telephone:  (08) 7087 1800

Email:  neville.phillips