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Long Acting Intramuscular (LAI) Train the Trainer Workshops - Mental Health Services

Long Acting Injection Train the Trainer

Suitable for clinical nursing and medical staff

Workshop Aim

This session will enable you to:

  •        Teach another nurse/ medical officer the correct injection technique.
  •         Locate the site using correct anatomical markers.
  •         Prepare the site.
  •         Administer using correct technique.

Injection preparations, dosages and reconstitution will not be covered in this session.

Eligibility / Entry Requirements

Evidence will be required that participants have completed:

  •          Online LAI training, aseptic technique and hand hygiene
  •          Face to face training with a trainer,
  •          Completed 5 assessed intramuscular injections.

This training is suitable for clinical nursing and medical staff only.

Non CALHN staff to email applications to:

CALHN staff  Click here to apply

Dates, Times and Location

Thursday, 19 November 2020, 0830-1300

To be held at Glenside Health Service in the Administration and Learning Services Building.

Further Information

Lisa Wilton

Advanced NC MH GP Shared Care OCP

Telephone: 0411224904



Bernie Stefan-Rasmus

BPSO Lead, Mental Health Directorate

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Telephone:  (08) 7087 1804