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Long Acting Intramuscular (LAI) Train the Trainer Workshops - Mental Health Services

Long Acting Intramuscular (LAI) Train the Trainer Workshops - Mental Health Services

Workshop Aim

We are calling for nominations for trainers from all five local health networks (LHN’s). Trainers will assist in the development of the training program and then refresh nurses within their LHN in LAI injection techniques.

Learning Outcomes

A South Australian 2006 Coroner’s inquest highlighted a case of a consumer who was receiving regular depot medication. It was noted after a tragic event involving the death of another person that the consumer had very low plasma blood levels of antipsychotic medication. At issue was the person’s size which may have been an impediment to the effective delivery of the depot medication. Increased body weight is an issue for mental health consumers with 40% being in the obese weight range1. This raises issues about effective depot technique.

The training group (6-10) will participate in the training program that has been put together by the project team. The program is split into three parts;

  • A review of LAI injections used, pharmacology of antipsychotics and current medications in use and their delivery techniques.
  • Site selection, anatomical markers, injection technique and safety
  • Accreditation in practice, assessment of 5 intramuscular injections including 2 deltoid and 2 ventrogluteal.

Suitable For

Expression of interest for Nurses and Medical Staff to nominate as LAI Injection Refresher Trainers for their LHN’s.

Clinical Practice Consultants, Medication Clinic Coordinators, Clinical Facilitators, Nurse Education Facilitators, Clinical Nurses, Practice Nurses and Medical Staff are invited to express their interest in becoming LAI injection refresher trainers.


  1. Lambert, Velakoulis & Pantelis MJA 2003; 178 (9 Suppl) : S67-S70

Malkin, B 2008, 'Are techniques used for intramuscular injection based on research evidence?', Nursing times, vol. 104, no. 50-51, p. 48.


Bernie Stefan-Rasmus

Date and Time

13.2.19, 0830-1230

11.6.19, 0830-1230

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