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Connecting with People - Suicide Response Training (Glenside Campus)

Connecting with People - Suicide Response Training (Glenside Campus)

Workshop Aim

SA Health is leading the delivery of Connecting with People training in South Australia. Connecting with People is an internationally recognised, evidence-based suicide and self-harm mitigation and prevention training program for clinical staff.

The training is provided by accredited Connecting with People trainers to promote the provision of a standard approach to suicide mitigation and treatment across the State, as part of the South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2017 – 2021.

Learning Outcomes

Each participant will complete ‘Connecting with People’ modules;

Suicide Response Part 1

  • This module covers safe assessment, triage, non-government and community support and the co-creation of an immediate safety plan.
  • It is suitable for any front line professionals working in health care.
  • At the end of the module participants will be able to use the clinical resources to enhance their assessment and safe triage of a suicidal individual. They will have the skills to co-create an immediate safety plan.

Suicide Response Part 2

  • This module covers how to develop a collaborative and transparent approach to mitigating suicide risk and how to increase a person’s resilience to suicidal thoughts
  • It is suitable for front line professionals with an ongoing relationship with people experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • At the end of the module participants will be able to create a comprehensive, person-centred bio-psychosocial suicide mitigation plan, collaboratively engage in a comprehensive social support mapping exercise and be able to help people develop strategies to increase their resilience to suicidal thoughts.


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Eligibility / Entry Requirements

This session is suitable for CALHN mental health clinical program staff only.  Applications authorised by relevant discipline senior must be completed and forwarded to The Learning Centre.

Further Information

Bernie Stefan-Rasmus

BPSO Lead, Mental Health Directorate

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Telephone:  (08) 7087 1804



Dates, Times and Location

All sessions will be held 0830-1630.

All sessions, apart from those separately identified have been scheduled to be held in the Admin & Learning Services Building, Glenside Health Services. Due to COVID-19 conditions the location of the training may need to be changed.  Should this occur, you will be notified of the new location prior to the training date.







19.8.20 (To be held in Cramond Meeting Room 1, TQEH)

1.9.20 (To be held in Cramond Meeting Room 1, TQEH)

2.9.20 (To be held in Cramond Meeting Room 1, TQEH)




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