CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Application of Nursing Assessment


Open to all CALHN Nursing Staff with any level of experience


This program is designed to provide all nursing staff with the knowledge, skills and fundamentals of early recognition, systematic assessment and application of appropriate interventions at the bedside.


  • Inquiry based learning
  • Simulation
  • Group discussion

Learning outcomes

To enable participants to:

  • Understand the importance of communication, documentation and clinical coding
  • Have an understanding of hospital acquired complications and their relationship with the nursing assessment
  • Understand patient advocacy and its relationship to escalation of care
  • Effective demonstration of a thorough A-E assessment and application of appropriate interventions to prevent and respond to deterioration.
  • Recognition of subtle and overt signs which may be displayed (with a focus on failure to rescue) with patient deterioration.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, clinical reasoning and prioritisation of care and assessment.


All program times are 1000hrs to 1630hrs

Wednesday 1st December 2021 - TQEH - Applications close 19 November 2021

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For further information

Claire James – Nurse Education Facilitator