SA Health has purchased access to the WHIA Pressure Injury module for a number of SA Health staff for education and training. These are available from now until the end of December 2017. 

Access to the Pressure injuries module

• Use this link to get to the WHIA site https://elearning.whia.com.au/ 
• On the log in page SA Health users need to register ( that is ‘create an account’). The information recorded eg which LHN a user is from is used to create the reports about numbers and staff who have completed.
• SA Health users will automatically then be directed to the PI module because it is linked to the SA health email string (@sa.gov.au). 
• Guides and troubleshooting - Attached are the WHIA instruction guides for assistance and troubleshooting for staff

Login. If staff create an account with a different email address and then change their email to SA health email the process will not work. They will have to create a whole new account not edit their personal account

Retrieving certificates of completion

Password resetting

Allowing pop-ups

WHIA also provides a helpdesk service for troubleshooting

info@whia.com.au or Susannah.mulligan@whia.com.au or 0422 295 181.

Reports about completion rates for the pressure injury module

WHIA will be providing reports about numbers and names of staff completing the PI module. There will be an SA wide report and one for each LHN or SAAS every 2 months.

Last modified: Thursday, 24 August 2017, 12:29 PM