CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Return to Work Skills Update

Open to Nursing Staff whom are returning to work following an extended period of leave
greater than (12) 
months or requiring an update in:

  •       Practical Session in BLS and Manual Tasks
  •       Sunrise BAU Face to Face Workshop

TQEH and HRC staff whom have used Sunrise at ‘Full Functionality’ may request 

Refresher Training as an alternative on the application form.


To ensure safe clinical practice with updates in Sunrise EMR, BLS and Manual Tasks.

Prerequisites for Attendance:


Royal Adelaide Hospital - WF 5D364

ALL PROGRAM TIMES ARE 0800hrs to 1630hrs

2020 Dates:

 2021 Dates:

 Thursday 7th January 2021
 Thursday 14th January 2021
 Thursday 4th February 2021
 Thursday 25th March 2021
 Thursday 29th April 2021
 Thursday 13th May 2021
 Thursday 10th June 2021
 Thursday 8th July 2021
 Thursday 5th August 2021
 Thursday 2nd September 2021
 Thursday 30th September 2021
 Thursday 25th November 2021
 Thursday 9th December 2021
 Thursday 16th December 2021

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Return completed registration form to:

Incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant and bookings will not be processed until the form is complete. 

For more information please contact:

Karen Simunov
Nurse Educator
CALHN Sunrise Nursing Lead

Ph: 8222 6182 
Mobile: 0491 027 845

CALHN Nursing Education


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital – Level 5A Main Building – 8222 6746
The Royal Adelaide Hospital – 5D390 – 7074 3500