CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Upskilling Program for RN 3/4 Nurses

Please make sure online modules are completed prior to attendance for any workshop.

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Max 6 participant in each workshop.


TQEH Upskilling Program will run on MONDAY's (excluding PH)

Venue: TQEH, Main Building, Level 2, Room 3

Time: 0800hrs - 1130hrs


Monday's: 22nd


RAH Upskilling Program will run TUESDAY's and THURSDAY's (excluding PH)

Venue: RAH, Level 7D, Room 7D252

Time: Tuesday's  - 0800hrs to 1130hrs

           Thursday's -  0800hrs to 1130hrs


Tuesday's: 9th, 16th, 30th

Thursday's: 25th


Topics include

  •  De-escalation and Personal Safety
  •  Basic Life Support Demonstration (Modified)
  •  Use of the BGL Machine
  •  Safe Donning and Doffing of PPE
  •  Sunrise Update - Medications / Transfusions and Online Learning Module


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