CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Tracheostomy Blitz

Workshop/Program Aim:

Staff will have the necessary understanding and skills to deliver routine and emergency tracheostomy care 

Staff will have an understanding of the clinical responsibilities for minimising the risk of infection, WH+S, and complications associated with tracheostomy tubes 

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the skills required to manage and care for a patient with a tracheostomy

Apply the knowledge and understanding of the skills in a simulated face to face workshop

Program Content

Face to face 30 minute session made up of three stations (10 minutes each) focusing on the application and assessment of tracheostomy skills and the emergency management of patients with tracheostomies

Assessment Criteria

Prior to attending a blitz session, all staff need to complete the basic tracheostomy modules on Learning central in addition to advanced tracheostomy module for areas with patients who have laryngectomy. 

All staff need to view the videos for suctioning, cleaning, dressing and tape changes, plus view the humidification video resources appropriate to the equipment used in their area

Eligibility/Entry requirements

Clinicians working in areas with tracheostomy patients requiring a refresher only.





  19 January 2022



  20 January 2022



 07 Feb 2022


RAH 7D252 (Level 7)


 08 Feb 2022


RAH 7D252 (Level 7)


 08 March


TQEH 5A, Room 1


 09 March 2022


RAH 7D252 (Level 7)


 10 March 2022


RAH 7D252 (Level 7)


No booking required. Walk in rotating stations.


For more information contact:

Gloria Munro –
Nurse Educator
CALHN Nursing Education
TQEH: 8222 6339
RAH: 7074 3500