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Accepting and Working With Voices - The Maastricht Approach Two Day Workshop

Workshop Aim

In implementing the BPSO Best Practice Guideline – Person and Family Centred Care, CALHN Mental Health Directorate is hosting three, two day workshops which aim to equip clinicians to work with consumers using the Maastricht Approach.

Learning Outcomes

Each participant will be prepared to work with consumers using the Maastricht Approach and will have an awareness of;

·         The Maastricht Interview.

·         Formulating a construct.

·         Writing a report.

The Maastricht Approach

In Maastricht, the Netherlands, psychiatrist Marius Romme and researcher Sandra Escher developed an approach to hearing voices. The approach contends that people hearing voices can learn to cope with their voices and benefit from psychological and social interventions.

The Maastricht Hearing Voices Interview stimulates the voice hearer to explore their own experience and create some emotional distance from the voices. The interview supports the voice hearer to look more closely at the nature of their voice hearing experience and to consider the usefulness coping strategies they may have developed over time.

Session Dates, Times and Locations

Each session runs 0900-1700.

Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th July, 2018, Glenside Health Services.

Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st August, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th September 2018, Glenside Health Services.

Eligibility / Entry Requirements

This training is open to CALHN MHD clinical staff.

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Further Information

Bernie Stefan-Rasmus

BPSO Lead, Mental Health Directorate

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Telephone:  (08) 7087 1804