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Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Champion Training

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Champion Training

AIM: To authorise staff to provide ongoing PICC accreditation to all staff in their clinical area.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of session, the nurse will have an understanding and skills in the following:

·         Maintenance requirements of a PICC as per CAHLN policy and procedures

·         Importance of Aseptic Technique and Hand Hygiene

·         Requirements of the Validation form and Learning Tool as part of being a PICC Champion

·         Compliant with identification requirements as per CAHLN Organisational Wide Instruction

·         Compliant with worker health safety requirements as per CAHLN

·         Compliant with performing the task to the standard of the CAHLN PICC line
           management Organisational Wide Instruction policy and procedure

·         Understand the role and responsibilities of the PICC Champion                                                                             


1. Learning Central CVAD Learning Module (Central Vascular Access Devices Course)

2. Learning Central - Hand Hygiene

3. Learning Central – Aseptic Technique

PARTICIPANTS: Registered Nurses who work in the clinical area where PICC accreditation is in high demand.
The participation needs to be supported by your Nurse Unit Manager

  • If you require PICC Champion Training Education in your area, please contact Zoe Robb, Nurse Educator, to schedule a suitable time.
  • An educator will come to your area and deliver the session.
  • Maximum two staff at each session.

For more information please contact:

Zoe Robb - Nurse Educator

Ph: 7074 3500

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