CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Clinical Skills Day - Glenside Health Services

Suitable for CALHN Mental Health Clinicians

Workshop Aim

These workshops aim to ensure that there is access to resources for competencies guaranteeing the skills for the workforce in accordance with the strategic plan of the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be in a position to demonstrate their continuing professional development required with their relevant professional registration.

Eligibility / Entry Requirements

Open to CALHN clinical staff.

There will be an opportunity for participants to complete their on-line mandatory annual competencies (that are relevant to their discipline) prior to attending the practical sessions should they require it, these are:

>        Basic Life Support (Theory)

>        Hand Hygiene

>        Medication Safety

Date, Time and Location

These one day workshops will be at Glenside Health Service in the Administration and Learning Services building

The day will begin promptly at 8.30am.

This form is attached to the workshop outline, a copy of these needs to be with you at all times during the workshop as this is your evidence to present back to claim your CPD points, and is your responsibility.

No responsibility for loss of this will be acknowledged by the Learning Centre or Educators on the day.












Disengagement Skills (Practical Refresher):

David Lao, Tina Evans.

Long Acting Injections:
David Lao, Tina Evans.
Basic Life Support (practical application):

To be confirmed on the day.

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To enrol in this workshop offered at the Learning Centre, the application form must be completed and submitted to the Learning Centre prior to the closing date for applications.  Enter details on this electronic form before printing, and then scan to email or fax.

Workshop Outline






Registrations, welcome and housekeeping.


Acknowledgment to Country and introduction of the day’s outline.

David Lao

Tina Evans


Basic Life Support (practical)

Metabolic Monitoring (practical)

Long Acting Injections (practical refresher)

Disengagement refresher

David Lao

Tina Evans



Morning Tea


10:30 - 1230

Basic Life Support (practical)


Long Acting Injections (practical refresher)


Disengagement refresher (Continued)

David Lao

Tina Evans


12:30 – 13:00

Lunch Break

13:00 – 15:15


On line modules

>          Manual Tasks Theory

>          Child Protection

>          Code Of Ethics Awareness

>          Disability Awareness

>          Information Sharing Guidelines

>          Safety Learning System

>          White Ribbon

>          Work Health & Safety Basics

>          911 rescue tool

>          High Risk Medicines – Clozapine

>          Long Acting Injection Techniques


15:15 -15:30

Afternoon Tea

15:30 – 16:15

Round up and review of documentation

David Lao

Tina Evans

16:30 – 17:00

Debrief and evaluation of day




Mental Health Clinical Program

Nursing Training Requirements


Date Completed

On-Line Modules Required Once Only Within 6-Months of Commencement

1.     Child Protection



2.     Code of Ethics Awareness



3.     Disability Awareness



4.     Information Sharing Guidelines



5.     Safety Learning System



6.     White Ribbon



7.     Work Health & Safety Basics



8.     911 Rescue Tool



9.     High Risk Medicines - Clozapine



10.  Long Acting Injection Techniques


Practical Training Required on Commencement         

11.  Organisation Orientation [includes MAPA, CBIS & Sunrise EMT]


On-Line Modules Annually                                              

12.  Fire & Emergency Safety Training



13.  Hand Hygiene



14.  Aseptic Technique



15.  Basic Life Support



16.  Medication Safety for Nurses


Annual Practicals                                                              

17.  Basic Life Support



18.  Management of Actual & Potential Aggression


On-Line Modules Highly Recommended But Not Mandatory   

19.  Partnering with Consumers



20.  Aboriginal Cultural Learning



21.  Clinical Handover



22.  Falls Prevention



23.  Clinical Supervision



24.  Open Disclosure



25.  Cognitive Impairment Awareness



26.  Diabetes Information For Nurses


MHD Highly Recommended But Not Mandatory Face to Face Training          

27.  Suicide Response Training



28.  Trauma Informed Care