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Brain Injury Rehabilitation 2 Day Workshop (Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre)

Workshop aim 

  • Provide staff with clinical information on Brain Injuries
  • Rehabilitation goal setting for Brain Injury patients
  • Acknowledge the psychosocial aspects of Brain Injury patients
  • Understanding of Post traumatic Amnesia
  • Manage Challenging Behaviours of the patient who has a Brain Injury
  • Patient and family centred care approach for Brain injury patients
  • Complex discharge issues and how to manage them


Eligibility /Entry Requirements

Registered and Enrolled Nurses interested in becoming a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Nurse within their ward area.

Course Prerequisites

Challenging Behaviours module(learning central)


Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st of November 2019 (2 day workshop)

Applications close - 04 November 2019


Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre 

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Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

207 – 255 Hampstead Road


Phone: 8222 1621