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Tracheostomy Management – Practical Session CALHN


This education program aims to provide health care professionals with the framework to guide attainment of accreditation in tracheostomy management and deliver the theoretical components necessary to ground your practice in the care of a patient with a tracheostomy. Annual accreditation is required.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Principles of Basic Tracheostomy Management online resource and practical session the learner will be able to identify:
  • Important legal, professional and ethical issues related to patient care, including tracheostomy management
  • Anatomy and physiology of the trachea and surrounding structures and the specific features of tracheostomy tubes
  • Indications and purpose for a tracheostomy
  • Routine and emergency tracheostomy care
  • Local policy and guidelines associated with the care of patients who have a tracheostomy or total laryngectomy.


  1. Complete the online learning modules prior to attending the practical session. You will need to achieve 100% for successful completion.
  2. Attend and actively participate in a Tracheostomy Management practical session.

Eligibility/Entry requirements

CALHN Registered Nurses & Enrolled Nurses who are employed in a Tracheostomy Cohort ward as per the following list.

CALHN Tracheostomy Cohort Wards






 Radiology Oncology

 RAH 6E 1&2

 Cancer/Palliative Care


 Emergency Department

 RAH 7G2




 RAH 8E 1&2




 RAH 9G 1&2

 Stroke/ Neurology

 RAH 4F1



 ENT Outpatients

 RAH 4E1


 HRC 1 East




 HRC 1 West

 Amputee / Burns

 RAH 5G3



 Brain Injury Unit

 RAH 5F2

 Ortho/Gen Surg


 Spinal Injury Unit

 RAH 6G3

 Medical Specialties

 TQEH L1Main


 RAH 6G2


 TQEH Ground

 NGA Respiratory

 RAH 6G1


 TQEH L1Main


 RAH 6F2


 TQEH Ground

 Emergency Department

 RAH 6F1


 TQEH South 2 L2

 General Surgery

The online modules must be completed prior to participation in the two hour practical session.

Healthcare professionals currently employed in tracheostomy cohort wards.


Once maximum numbers have been reached for each session applications will close
All sessions held 1330-1530 at  the Royal Adelaide Hospital

28th July 2020
1st December 2020

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