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MAPA - Managing Actual and Potential Aggression (CALHN)

This programme has been designed to enhance your understanding and management of disruptive, aggressive, and/or violent behaviour and aims to ensure that everyone involved in crisis situations can maintain the Care, Welfare, Safety and Security of all involved.

The programme will be delivered to you within a legal and professional framework consistent with current national standards, our organisation’s policies and guidance, and current research, as well as recognised best practices.  By the end of the programme, you will have explored and developed a range of psychological and physiological responses to behaviour that will enable you to minimise the potential harm disruptive, aggressive, and/or violent behaviour can cause.

The ultimate focus of this event is to ensure that you gain the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent and deescalate crisis situations so that restrictive practices can be avoided.  Additionally, this programme will ensure that you  have the necessary skills to manage risk behaviour when it does occur, using a range of MAPA physical interventions that aim to minimise risk without damaging the professional and supportive relationship you have established with the individuals in your care.

Available to CALHN employees only

Please note there will be a $35 fee for the MAPA Workbook provided at the course.


CALHN Staff can attend at any CALHN site.

Time:  0800-1630

ALL 2019 MAPA Standalone Dates (RAH & TQEH) 


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