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Aboriginal Cultural Learning for Mental Health Staff

Aboriginal Cultural Learning for Mental Health

As part of our commitment to improving and strengthening services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, is a priority for the Mental Health Directorate to support clinical staff to gain appropriate knowledge and understanding of the diverse needs of the consumers in their care, and the cultural practices that underpin clinical care.

The Mental Health Directorate will be providing face to face in service training on Aboriginal Cultural Learning at the Eastern Community Mental Health Centre, Western Community Mental Health Centre and Glenside Health Services throughout August 2018.

Vanessa Browne, Nurse Practitioner Candidate will lead this training. Vanessa's sessions will include an overview of the resource `Aboriginal Mental Health Clinical Practice Guidelines and Pathways: A culturally appropriate guide for working with Aboriginal mental health consumers' and provide information to support clinical practice.

 (For ease the use of term Aboriginal will cover both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation).

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this one hour education session participants will have an increased understanding of:

> historical and contemporary trauma endured by Aboriginal people
> the effects of Dispossession , grief and loss.
> exploring attachment theories and how this causes intergenerational trauma outcomes
> clinical guidelines when working with people of Aboriginal background
> discuss the Clinical Practice Guidelines when working with people of Aboriginal background
> touch on how to work effectively in the community and ward settings

Eligibility / Entry Requirements

This education session is open to any SA Health clinician working in the area of mental health.

Date, Time and Location

These workshops will be conducted as inservice sessions.  Please contact Vanessa Browne to negotiate dates, times and locations.

Convener and Presenter

Vanessa Browne