CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Preceptorship Program

Program Aim

The Preceptorship Program aims to equip the preceptor with the skills and confidence required to assist student nurses and new staff members in adjusting to an unfamiliar environment.

This one day Program is also designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the nurse working in the preceptorship role as an ongoing facilitator of professional development.

Learning Outcomes

  • The role of the preceptor and preceptee
  • Challenges and concerns
  • Adult learning
  • Teaching methods
  • Effective feedback
  • Reflective practice
  • Learning objectives
  • Appraisals- Performance review and development

This is a one day program held from 0800-1630

Places are limited to 18 per day

Eligible candidates are required to have a minimum of one year RN/EN post-registration experience.





  Thursday 7 May 2020

 Glenside Health Services

  21 May 2020

 Thursday 11 June 2020


  27 May 2020

 Thursday 09 July 2020


  25 June 2020

 Wednesday 12 August 2020


  27 July 2020

 Wednesday 09 September 2020


  24 August 2020

 Wednesday 07 October 2020


  21 September 2020

 Wednesday 18 November 2020


  02 November 2020


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For further information, please contact:
David Cunningham EXT 27313, Page 47866