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Introduction to Cardiac Monitoring and ECG Analysis (TQEH Campus)




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 Friday 22nd March 2019

1st  March 2019

08:00 to 16:30

 Friday 12th April 2019

22nd March 2019

08:00 to 16:30






A one day module for all staff members requiring familiarisation with the Cardiac Monitoring process. Rhythm strip and 12 lead ECG analysis will be covered as well as the practicalities of effective monitoring.

The topics covered include:
Anatomy and physiology
Normal sinus rhythm
Acute Coronary Syndrome
Infarction and Ischaemia
The 12 lead ECG
Practical applications



For Further Information Contact:

David Cunningham, Education Facilitator

Telephone:  8222 7313 or pager:  #47866




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Places on the module are strictly limited (20 candidates per module)

Module documents (workbook, notes and timetable) will be sent out a minimum of two weeks before the course.


Incomplete forms will be returned to the applicant and bookings will not be processed until the form is completed


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