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Team culture understand it, develop it

Ever wondered why some teams just seem to work and others hit the rocks?  When things don’t work, it is obvious to all and it often has a profound effect on the people involved, as well as the team’s goals to be achieved.

A useful way to think about teams is to consider the two roles every person plays in a working group: a functional role, based on their formal qualifications and technical skill, and a psychological role, based on the kind of person they are. Too often, organisations focus merely on the functional role and hope that good team performance somehow follows.

So, how do you diagnose a dysfunctional workplace culture – and what can we do about it?

This workshop asks us to consider that what might initially be thought of as a team’s weakness or threat is actually its greatest asset.



Suitable Applicants

Open to all staff employed within Central Adelaide Local Health Network in the first instance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify influences on effective team work
  •  Identify our preferred styles of working with others
  • Use our strengths AND weaknesses as a strategy to create more effective teams


Venue: Royal Adelaide Hospital

Time:  0900-1200


Applications Close

 20th November 2019

Places still available.

Prior to submitting your application, please ensure your application has been approved by your Manager (if attending in work time).

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