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Connecting with People - Compassion at Work (Glenside Health Services)

Connecting with People - Compassion at Work (Glenside Health Services)

Workshop Aim

SA Health is leading the delivery of Connecting with People training in South Australia. Connecting with People is an internationally recognised, evidence-based suicide and self-harm mitigation and prevention training program for clinical staff.

Learning Outcomes

Each participant will complete ‘Connecting with People’ Compassion at Work module.

Compassion at Work

This module aims to enhance understanding of the positive impact that a compassionate approach can have in health care settings. It explores the evidence base for enhanced outcomes through compassion, understanding the barriers to delivering compassionate care and identifying ways to overcome them.

At the end of the module participants will be able to;

  • understand what can facilitate a compassionate approach;
  • understand how to mitigate the barriers to providing compassionate care in a demanding and time-pressured environment;
  • understand the importance of self-care and healthy organisations in order to sustain compassionate practice and reduce burn out

Eligibility / Entry Requirements

This training is suitable for clinical and non-clinical staff.

Training Location

This training will be conducted in the Admin and Learning Services Building, Glenside Health Services.

Further Information

Bernie Stefan-Rasmus

BPSO Lead, Mental Health Directorate

Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Telephone:  (08) 7087 1804







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