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Clozapine Refresher Workshop - Glenside Health Services

Clozapine Refresher Education Day

AM Session – Required attendance by Nurses, Medical Officers and Pharmacists who currently provide Clozapine Therapy across the Mental Health Directorates.
PM Session – Clozapine Nurses / Clinic Co-ordinators only.

Workshop Aim

Professional development session for Clinicians who provide Clozapine therapy to Consumers across the Mental Health Directorates to ensure contemporary practice and maintain practice competency.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will have an increased understanding of:

>          The pathologists role in monitoring Clozapine therapy

>          How to manage Clozapine-induced myocarditis

>          Clinical perspectives on practice

>          Lessons in GP Shared Care


Eligibility / Entry Requirements

AM Session open to all nursing, medical and pharmacy clinicians who have previously undertaken Clozapine training.  PM Session open to Clozapine Clinic Co-ordinators only.

Date, Time and Location

Friday, 19 July, 2019, AM session 0830 – 1300, PM session 1300-1630.  Both sessions to be held at Glenside Health Service in the Administration and Learning Services building.


Dr Ian Westley, Dr Mohamed Saleem, SA Pathology

Jessica Dawson, Senior Pharmacist, SALHN.

Grace McDonald, Clozapine Clinical Co-ordinator, CHSALHN.



Natasha Jansen / Lisa Wilton (global email)


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Workshop Outline – AM Session




Natasha Jansen

0845 - 0900

Welcome and Acknowledgment to Country and introduction of the day’s outline.

Clozapine Strategic Management Group

0900 – 1000

Education Session 1:  Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Clozapine from a Laboratory Perspective.

Dr Ian Westley and Dr Mohamed Saleem, SA Pathology.

1000 – 1015

Credentialling & Clozapine Training

Clozapine Strategic Management Group

1015 – 1115

Education Session 2:  Protocol for Clozapine induced Myocarditis.

Jessica Dawson, Senior Pharmacist, SA Pharmacy, SALHN.

1115 – 1130

Morning Tea

1130 – 1230

Education Session 3:  GP Shared Care:  Reflections from Country Health

Grace McDonald, Clozapine Clinical Co‑ordinator, Nurse Consultant, CHSALHN.

1230 – 1250

Clozapine Strategic Management Group Update

 Lisa Wilton

1250 - 1300

Evaluation and Close


Workshop Outline – PM Session


1300 – 1400


1400 – 1500

Skills Refresh - ECG Interpretation

 Zoe Robb, Nurse Educator

1500 – 1600

Spotlight on Practice Workshop - Shared Care

Dr Kim Chiew / Lisa Wilton

1600 – 1630

Spotlight on Practice Workshop - Professional Development

Dr Kim Chiew / Lisa Wilton

1630 - 1640

Evaluation and Close