CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Medication Safety Link Nurse Meetings


Open to all CALHN Nursing Staff who have a Standard 4 Portfolio


I encourage MSLN to attend this forum to further understand the role, discuss medication issues, network and assist with the dissemination of important medication related information in the clinical environment. The aim is to reduce preventable medication errors in line with the WHO ‘Medication without Harm – Know. Check. Ask’

Please see the list below of the future dates for the 2021 MSLN Meetings, which will now be via Microsoft Teams. The app can be downloaded to your phone for convenience or you can watch with a group of MSLN in your clinical area on a computer that has both video and sound.



TQEH / RAH / HRC/ St Margaret’s / PAC

  Wednesday Oct 13th


  Microsoft Teams – outlook request

  Wednesday Nov 10th


  Microsoft Teams – outlook request


No registration is required. If you wish to join the MSLN team please contact Maxine Tredrea with your name / Hospital / ward location. 

For further information please contact session coordinator:

Maxine Tredrea Nurse Educator 

CALHN Nursing Education Email: 

Phone: 7074 0628