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CALHN Nursing Education Courses

Methamphetamine Training

Methamphetamine Training

Methamphetamine Training for Mental Health Triage Staff


“Methamphetamines: What is it & what is its prevalence?”

 Learning Outcomes:

This presentation is aimed to assist participants to understand:


  •  The nature of Methamphetamines,
  •  The prevalence of its use within the Australian context,
  •  Trends and recent changes, and
  •  The impact for emergency and health care service providers.


“Neuroanatomy & Psychopharmacology of Drugs & Alcohol –Methamphetamine Edition”

 Learning Outcomes:

This presentation aims to provide:


  • An introduction to the Nervous System, and how our bodies communicate
  • The psychopharmacology of Methamphetamines
  • Information RE the acute and longer term effects and harms associated with Methamphetamine use
  • An explanation of the processes of neuroadaptation that underpin tolerance, physical dependence and withdrawal
  • An understanding of Methamphetamine withdrawal
  • A brief introduction to the psychological and social aspects of dependence

 “Management of Calls related to possible Methamphetamine use”

 Learning Outcomes:

This presentation covers:

  •  Management of the intoxicated caller
  •  Management of amphetamine induced/exacerbated psychosis
  •  Some of the critical drug interactions and complications to be aware of
  •  Why and how to conduct a Drug & Alcohol assessment
  •  Harm Minimization strategies
  •  Other potential telephone interventions
  •  A word on when to call who

 Eligibility / Entry Requirements

This program is primarily written for Mental Health Triage staff, however other staff that this training may be relevant for are welcome to attend.  Priority will be given to Mental Health Triage staff.

Dates, Times and Location

28 June 2018, 1330-1630, Admin & Learning Services Building, Glenside Health Services.

3 July 2018, 0930-1230, Admin & Learning Services Building, Glenside Health Services.

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